Andalucia top 10
26 Apr 2017

Andalucia’s Highlights

The diverse and politically semi-autonomous region of Andalucía has a population of more than 8 millon and embodies what is thought of as typically Spanish – an accurate portrait of the place and its people – include the bullfight, flamenco, gypsies, remote white villages, high sierras and mass tourism on endless stretches of beach.

The memories you will take with you after a visit here will be colourful, joyous, intense and deeply stirring.

1. Moorish Granada

Andalucia´s 1,300 year old Moorish heritage evokes pure Romanticism that is hard to equal. The delicate art and architecture is among the most splendid to be found on European soil.

2. Seville Cathedral & La Giralda

These two chief wonders of Seville beautifully embody the juxtaposition of the Moors and the triumphalism of their Christian conquerors.

3. Real Alcazar, Seville

A mix of styles is evident in this vast and luxurious pleasure palace, built almost entirely by Moorish artisans on behalf of their Christian overlords, including the lush gardens.

4. Cordoba City & La Mezquita

This was once the most important city in Europe, a fact that is illustrated by the architectural masterpiece of La Mezquita, the Great Mosque.

5. Cadiz

Said to be Europe’s oldest city, Cadiz still retains an aura of ageold mystery. The goldendomed cathedral of the waterfront is a spectacular sight.

6. Ronda

The largest of several white villages (pueblos blancos) scattered throughout the region, Ronda is built on a table of rock that is spectacularly split by the Tajo gorge. It is also reputed to be the birthplace of the modern style of bullfighting.

7. Costa del Sol

From the wealthiest of the yachting-set enclaves to all-inclusive package deals for young families, this famous expanse of sand and former fishing villages has something for everyone.

8. Baeza & Ubeda

Both of these exquisite towns in Jaen Province offer world-class Renaissance architecture set in perfectly preserved historic centres.

9. Parque Nacional del Coto Doñana

The vast delta of the Guadalquivir River constitutes one of the world´s most important nature reserves, without which birdlife throughout Europe would be seriously compromised. The zone has a fascinating mix of terrains, but can be visited on guided tours only.

10. Sierra Nevada

Europe´s second highest mountain range after the Alps offers the continent´s southernmost ski resort, a wealth of wildlife for trekkers to wonder at, and dozens of remote villages along its southern slopes that preserve ancient cultural traditions and unique forms of vernacular architecture.

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